1 What Do You Write On A Gift Card For A Friend?

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Christmas Card 2010: SantaTaur Is Comin' To Town!

1 What Do You Write On A Gift Card For A Friend? – what do you write on a gift card for a friend?

Aaron Sorkin has consistently advised himself a columnist at heart. Now, at 58, he can definitively say he has had a afflicted success to bout his achievements in television (creating “The West Wing”) and blur (screenplays for “The Amusing Network” and “Moneyball,” amid others). His adjustment of the atypical “To Kill a Mockingbird,” directed by Bartlett Sher, opened in New York in 2018 to able reviews and a appropriately able box appointment — affidavit that Broadway audiences are as acceptant as any to Sorkin’s style, a appearance abundantly (or infamously, depending on whom you ask) apparent by acute characters talking bound and at breadth about account and issues that amount to his apparently accelerating audiences. “If I can achieve the things you charge to achieve in adjustment to acquaint a story,” Sorkin says, “and accept it be article that resonates with you afterwards you leave the amphitheater — that’s what I’m activity for.”

Christmas Card 2010: SantaTaur Is Comin’ To Town! – what do you write on a gift card for a friend? | what do you write on a gift card for a friend?

Your characters generally attempt to try to accept bodies and account with which they disagree. What accept you abstruse about how best to dramatize that struggle? I wouldn’t appetence to accord the consequence that I’ve baffled anything, but there are a brace of things I apperceive now that maybe I didn’t apperceive aback I was starting. To activate with, I adoration at the chantry of ambition and obstacle. Somebody wants something, and article is continuing in their way of accepting it. They appetence the money; they appetence the girl; they appetence to get to Philadelphia. Afresh the obstacle to that has to be formidable, and the access they use to afflicted that obstacle are what shows us the character. Now, to acknowledgment your question: One of the things that I’ve learned, because I’ve accounting some antiheroes as able-bodied — Mark Zuckerberg in “The Amusing Network,” Steve Jobs, alike Jack Nicholson’s appearance in “A Few Acceptable Men” — is that you accept to address these characters as if they’re authoritative their case to God for why they should be accustomed into heaven. Aback you’re successful, you get bodies in the admirers saying, “Huh, he’s got a point” to actuality that makes them actual uncomfortable.

It’s one affair to do that on article like “Moneyball,” area I agnosticism you accept decidedly able animosity one way or the added about sabermetrics. Was it accession affair to do that on “The West Wing,” area I’m bold you had stronger claimed animosity about characters’ brainy positions? I achievement this will be the aftermost time I acknowledgment ambition and obstacle. In my case, oftentimes, the ambition and the obstacle — the battle — isn’t about accepting the money, accepting the girl, accepting to Philadelphia. The battle is ideas. Perhaps for that reason, from time to time, there’s been a acceptance that aback I write, I’m application characters as a commitment arrangement for article I believe. Which, from time to time, actually has been the case — aloof not as generally as you ability think. So, “Moneyball” — I am not amorous about sabermetrics. But I acquisition it easier to address able-bodied aback I address article I don’t believe. Go aback to Jack Nicholson on the angle in “A Few Acceptable Men.” His accent is about arresting article he did that got a Marine killed. I can added calmly address article like that with accoutrements afire than, say, Atticus Finch’s accretion in the courtroom, area I accept every chat that he’s saying. That’s because the affliction abomination you can accomplish is cogent the admirers article they already know, in any fashion, alike for a moment, and the admirers knows that amends is good.

A arena from “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Broadway in 2018. Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Your Atticus Finch isn’t the white-savior amount that he is in the book, which is a change that bare making, but there’s additionally chat you wrote for him and Calpurnia that has these modern, abrupt rhythms. How do you analyze advantageous affecting anachronisms from potentially confusing ones? I don’t anticipate it’s article that I was carefully cerebration about exhausted by beat. A specific anachronism I cut — aback I was told it was an anachronism — was a band area Jim said, “That’s not the acropolis I appetence to die on.” Which turns out to be a byword that developed in Apple War II. There’s a funny adventure about David Mamet. He did an adjustment of “The Cherry Orchard.” There was a band in it, which was, “The affair of it is, comrade.” But as far as Calpurnia — listen, I anticipate the actuality that Calpurnia is accepting a chat with Atticus in which she is analytic him on annihilation that doesn’t accept to do with what we’re accepting for banquet tonight is activity to feel anachronistic. I abhorrence apropos to that lawsuit, because in the end it didn’t matter, but it’s instructive. One of the complaints of the plaintiff, which was the Harper Lee estate, was summed up by saying, “A archetypal atramentous maid wouldn’t allocution to her employer this way.” To which I responded that there’s no such affair as a archetypal atramentous maid and that plays aren’t accounting about archetypal bodies accomplishing archetypal things.

How do you aboveboard the angle that cogent the admirers article they already apperceive is the affliction affair you can do with your accepting created “The Newsroom,” area the admirers generally knew things the characters didn’t? We knew at the alpha of “Titanic” that the address is not activity to be authoritative it to New York Harbor. “The Newsroom” was an agreement with ambience a appearance in the actual contempo past, which I did because I didn’t appetence to ad-lib account that would accomplish it assume as if we’re not active in the aforementioned apple as the audience. I anticipate some bodies got the consequence with “The Newsroom” that my calendar was to appearance the professionals how they should accept done it. “The Newsroom” was annihilation like that. It was a abode show, assuming bodies disturbing to do the appropriate thing. An adventure of “The Newsroom” never afraid on: You anticipate they’ll get bin Laden? It was: Here’s what happened abaft the scenes in this fabulous abode aback those contest happened.

Aaron Sorkin talking to the casting of “The Newsroom” afore cutting a arena in 2014. Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times, via Getty Images

One of the alternating tensions in your assignment is the one you aloof afflicted on: how bodies who are already acceptable at what they do can be better. Do you accept any clues about yourself in that way? I don’t anticipate it’s my abode to adjudicator aback or if I’m good.

But you charge know, from activity to project, whether you’ve accomplished your goals added or beneath fully? Yes. It goes like this: You alpha with a activity about an absorbing workplace, whether it’s a cable newsroom or the White House. Accepting that feeling, that idea, from your arch to the folio to the awning is like aggravating to airing from actuality to there with baptize in your hands. By the time you get to there, there’s not activity to be abundant baptize left. But every already in a while, if you coact with abundant people, not abandoned do you get from actuality to there with a lot of that baptize left, it turns into albino by the time you’ve done it. Now, your catechism began by your suggesting that what I assume to like added — and if you’re suggesting this, you’re appropriate — is autograph the aberration not amid acceptable and bad but amid acceptable and great. I like autograph heroes afterwards capes, like in “The West Wing,” admitting it wasn’t aloof a fantasy. I like autograph those acceptance — and Atticus Finch’s is additionally an archetype — because it makes us feel as admitting abundance is achievable. We’re not cat-and-mouse for somebody to arise out of the sky and save the world. This is all achievable, and that is article that tends to drag the animal spirit, which is a activity that we like aback we’re sitting in a aphotic theater.

If the “The West Wing” wasn’t a fantasy, it actually was idealistic. So is “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Has annihilation afflicted over the aftermost 20 years about the public’s appetence for abstracted entertainment? By and large, in accepted ability our adopted leaders are portrayed either as Machiavellian or as dolts. It’s either “House of Cards” or “Veep” — two abundant shows. But I’m not fatigued to either Machiavellianism or dolts. I like those heroes afterwards capes. With “The West Wing,” I anticipation that the White House was an interesting, alluring abode area about annihilation can appear in the advance of a day. And what if, instead of Machiavellian or dolts, there was the third affair on the menu? Which is characters who are actually as competent, committed and ballsy as the doctors and nurses on hospital shows, as the cops on detective shows, as the attorneys on David E. Kelley shows. Wouldn’t that be fun to see? That was what “The West Wing” came out of, and it additionally affectionate of jolted bodies because you’d never heard words like Democrat and Republican on television. The ambition of television, until adequately recently, was to alienate as few bodies as possible. I’ll get into the mini-weeds for a second.

OK. Television has a altered accord with the admirers than movies and plays. It’s added intimate. It comes into your home. Generally you’re by yourself aback you’re watching it. These characters become friends. You appear aback every anniversary because you appetence to adhere out with Ross and Rachel and Jerry and George and Elaine and maybe alike Bartlet and Toby and Josh. The acceptance was that if these characters are not like you, because they’re Catholic, or poor, or black, or a Democrat, bodies will tune out. That’s why if you attending aback at the ancestry of scripted television in the ’60s area the ancestors sitcoms were, you never alike knew the father’s job. He was a “businessman.” They lived in a boondocks alleged Springfield. “The Simpsons” makes fun of this. There are 9,000 Springfields in America. That could be anywhere. Everybody was white. They didn’t accept a religion, except they’re not Jewish. It was that affectionate of thing.

What you’re talking about is relatability. Thank you for reminding me what I was talking about. I affirm to God, I had a ambition advancing here, and it was to try to do an account area I acknowledgment the catechism that has been asked coherently, succinctly, interestingly, consistently truthfully, but accumulate it short, and I can’t do it.

My catechism was whether you anticipate there accept been changes in people’s absorption in abstracted entertainment. I don’t.

But you couldn’t do a appearance like “The West Wing” now, could you? Yeah, I could.

I’m activity to acquaint you why you couldn’t. And afresh I’ll acquaint you why you’re wrong. I don’t alike charge to apprehend your reason. I anticipate you’re wrong.

Everything about “The West Wing” was based on the moral and ethical arete of these hyper-competent characters. In this political atmosphere, the appearance would aloof attending like advanced ambition fulfillment. Unfortunately, I anticipate you’ve fabricated the abandoned point in the cosmos that you were talking about that could be right. Which is, yes, bodies would see the appearance as a acknowledgment to the Trump administration. So what I would do if I was activity to do “The West Wing” today is put my accompany who are smarter than I am — that’s all of them — in a allowance with me and say, “Guys, how do you get over that problem?” But what you’re anecdotic — and you’re right, so you would be one of the bodies I’d appetence in that allowance — I don’t anticipate is an altercation that bodies can’t handle celebrity now. If anything, I anticipate that we’re agog for it.

Martin Sheen in “The West Wing” (2001). NBC/Photofest

In the past, aback you’ve talked about the action of your work, you’ve said that all you capital was to abduction the absorption of the actuality watching. But why would you do the assignment you do if that’s all you wanted? There are easier agency to entertain. I didn’t say that all I appetence to do is entertain. I said it’s all I’m aggravating to do.

Explain the aberration to me. I’m not aggravating to be cute: If I had an abstraction appropriate now for a abundant bank-heist movie, I would adulation to address it. Also, “important” isn’t writable. I’ll use an example: “The Balloon of the Chicago 7.” Bodies allocution to me about it like, “Wow, it’s such an important adventure today.” I accept what they’re saying, and I achievement that aback bodies see the cine they acquisition it relevant. But there’s no chantry on your computer for important. It’s a bad abstraction to sit bottomward and say, “I’m activity to address article important.”

My consequence of Abbie Hoffman is that he believed that the appropriate acknowledgment to the problems of American association and its institutions was to accomplish a apology of them rather than try to change them. My consequence of you is that you accept appealing acerb in the inherent amount of those things. So what drew you to him as a character? It isn’t so abundant Abbie, who’s played by Sacha Baron Cohen, as the accord amid him and Tom Hayden, who’s played by Eddie Redmayne. The two of them aback afresh hated anniversary other. They concluded up afterwards the four-and-a-half-month balloon as array of conflicting brothers. Their active altercation is the aforementioned altercation that this new bearing of voters is accepting with the bearing that came afore them. Tom, in a acute scene, advance up aback Abbie asks him, “What’s your botheration with me?” Tom says: “My botheration is that for the abutting 50 years, aback bodies anticipate of accelerating politics, they’re activity to anticipate of you. They’re activity to anticipate of you and your idiot followers casual out daisies to soldiers and aggravating to bewitch the Pentagon. They’re not activity to anticipate of adequation or justice, they’re not activity to anticipate of apprenticeship or abjection or progress. They’re activity to anticipate of a agglomeration of stoned, lost, disrespectful, foul-mouthed, anarchic losers. And so we’ll lose elections.”

What do you accomplish of that argument? It’s the aforementioned affair as today: It doesn’t amount what No. 2 on your account of priorities is if No. 1 isn’t acceptable elections.

Given your affection against backroom and idealism, is there a Democratic presidential applicant who’s abutting with you? No. It’s funny. I was emailing with a acquaintance about this topic. There are admirable gestures out there to be had, and no one is activity for them. We’re drowning in timidity.

I’m abiding you accept thoughts about what those admirable gestures could be. Mm-hmm. As continued as we’re bright clear that I accept the aberration amid the absolute apple and “The West Wing”?

T.B.D., but go on. Fair enough, T.B.D. Here’s what would appear on “The West Wing.” Joe Biden would say: “You apperceive what? If it’ll get John Bolton testifying to the Senate beneath oath, affirm me in too. I’ll acknowledgment any questions you’ve got.” Suddenly all the absorption would be on him. It’s a “Mr. Smith” moment. He gets to sit in advanced of adverse Republican senators and appearance us how able-bodied he can handle them. If he did it right, if he was assuming a “West Wing” calligraphy area I got to adjudge what everybody abroad says too, it propels him appropriate to winning.

Just audition you allocution about all this stuff, I accept to accept that I anticipate you were maybe actuality a little artful about not aggravating to address things that you accept are important. Attending at the accent Will McAvoy gives in the aboriginal adventure of “The Newsroom” or the agnate one Judd Hirsch’s appearance gives in the aboriginal adventure of “Studio 60.” The mise-en-scène of anniversary is acutely meant to announce that a austere access is actuality taken with “important” subjects. So afresh to say, “I’m not aggravating to address important” — It sounds as if you’ve got a acceptable artful meter, and I don’t appetence to accelerate it into the red zone. So, the McAvoy accent at the alpha of the pilot of “The Newsroom”: I was autograph a guy about accepting a afraid breakdown. That’s what that arena was about. It wasn’t like, I charge to get this off my chest that America isn’t the greatest country in the world. So activity aback to your catechism of aren’t you “aw, shucks”-ing it by adage you’re not aggravating to address article important — there was a abundant “Doonesbury” cartoon. Bodies accept asked me, “Who are your influences?” I end up allotment all kinds of baronial playwrights, but it’s actually Garry Trudeau.

Your career would be so abundant clearer to so abounding added bodies if you’d abandoned accepted that your bigger access was Garry Trudeau. There it is! But there were Garry Trudeau cartoons in which he absurd President Jimmy Carter praising Bob Dylan as an accurate American voice. And Dylan’s acknowledgment is, “I aloof appetence it to rhyme, man.” So I don’t appetence to say I was aloof aggravating to accomplish it rhyme, but nor am I as aloof maybe as it appears.

Sorkin with Sarah Paulson, left, and Masi Oka on the set of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (2006). Mitch Haddad/NBC/NBCU, via Getty Images

When you were alive on “Studio 60,” did you anytime feel as if you’d set yourself too difficult a task? It’s adamantine abundant to address a affecting show, let abandoned one that overlays the ball with account comedy. No. I acquainted like I had a bedrock in my shoe with “Studio 60,” but the botheration wasn’t the premise. We never saw a account from alpha to end on “Studio 60.” If all you saw was 10, 15 abnormal of the Coneheads from “S.N.L.” and you didn’t apperceive annihilation abroad about it, you ability say, “That’s the dumbest account I’ve anytime seen.”

Their active are cones, and they say “consume accumulation quantities.” I anticipate the jokes would land. I don’t anticipate you’d accept gotten it, because you wouldn’t accept had the account that they’re from accession planet, they’re assuming they’re from France, that “consume accumulation quantities” is a catchphrase. I anticipate that’d be the aforementioned if you saw 15 abnormal of “Wayne’s World,” any “S.N.L.” sketch. We abandoned saw a little of a “Studio 60” account at a table apprehend or a little of it actuality performed during the alive show. But it wasn’t there to accomplish you laugh. It was abandoned there to appearance that we’re in the average of a alive show.

It seems like a structural hurdle to set a TV alternation on a ball appearance but accept the ball genitalia not declared to be funny. I can anticipate of accession appearance that attacked the exact aforementioned hurdle in a absolutely altered way.

“30 Rock.” Every time they presented us with a sketch, it was carefully declared to be terrible. It would assume that aggregate on “T.G.S.” was about a farting machine. So Tina Fey hurdled that botheration you’re anecdotic by saying, Well, let’s say it’s a abhorrent show.

Do you anticipate that as time — Aloof to go aback to “Studio 60.” Accession perceived blemish was that what happens abaft the scenes at a arrangement late-night ball appearance is acutely not as important as what happens abaft the scenes in the West Wing of the White House. But absolutely there are conversations at 30 Rock about “How adamantine should we be activity at Trump?” “What aftereffect did we have?” “S.N.L.” has an astronomic appulse on the cultural conversation. So to say that there wouldn’t be austere conversations activity on aback there is wrong. I aloof wrote them badly. So again, the botheration is hardly anytime the premise. It is about consistently execution.

What would be an archetype of a bedrock in your shoe aback it comes to writing? If I’m autograph a cine or a comedy and it’s not activity well, I can alarm whoever it is who’s cat-and-mouse for it and say, “I apperceive I said I was ‘going to bear it at the alpha of the summer.’ It’s apparently activity to be afterpiece to the end of summer” — and they’ll understand. Alike if they don’t understand, there’s annihilation they can do about it. With television, you accept air dates that you accept to meet. Which agency you accept to address alike aback you’re not autograph well. Afresh you accept to booty that calligraphy and put it on the table for the casting and crew. Afresh you’ve got to point a camera at it and appearance it to everybody. And that’s alternation television.

What do you accomplish of the way Facebook has developed aback you wrote “The Amusing Network”? The botheration I had aback I wrote “The Amusing Network” was that this affair that’s declared to accompany us afterpiece calm is blame us added apart. It gives anybody the consequence that anybody abroad in the apple is accepting a bigger time, and that if you are not cataloging your life, afresh you’re not absolutely active it. Bodies are activity to appearance you abandoned pictures of themselves accepting a abundant time at the best affair with the coolest bodies eating, for some reason, avocado toast. They’re additionally not activity to acquaintance empathy. Aback we’re a little kid on a amphitheater and say article beggarly to accession little kid, we see in their face what we did, and we feel bad because of it. On amusing media, it’s added like babble at accession disciplinarian from your car. Bodies are developing a actinic addiction to their phones. A bank aficionado feels that blitz of dopamine and serotonin not aback they win but aback the roulette caster is spinning. Aback kids stick their duke in their abridged to get their buzz and see if accession has commented on the photo they posted, they get that blitz of serotonin and dopamine. It’s a big deal. And now, aback we allocution about our apropos with Facebook, we’re talking about the ability that it has to advertise misinformation and disinformation. We’re never activity to put this bogie aback in the bottle, but absolutely we can adjudge that lies are bad.

Jesse Eisenberg, left, and Joseph Mazzello in “The Amusing Network” (2010). Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

I don’t beggarly this abutting affair in an abject way. I don’t apperception if you’re obsequious.

You accept these amount themes: celebrity and accepted appropriateness and the amount of intelligence. Do you accept a faculty of what the abstract is amid your assignment and bodies who ability contrarily be admiring of its capacity but don’t like how you handle them? I accede with the apriorism of your question. I’m not activity to sit actuality and say: “What? There are bodies who don’t like my work?” There aren’t that abounding screenwriters or television writers who bodies apperceive their name, who accept a appearance that can be best out. So that’s activity to be a little irksome. Especially to bodies who address for a living. On top of that, because the battle so generally in what I address is an idea, you’re activity to accept bodies carrying able opinions. Bodies bear able opinions on “Seinfeld,” but they’re about whether salsa should be on the table as a additive in accession to alkali and pepper and ketchup. So it’s, Area does this guy get off? Chuck Lorre puts his thoughts into abridged vanity cards. I appear and bang you, and it seems like admonition about actuality a bigger person. It’s not article I would anytime do, but I daydream about the abstraction of autograph article beneath a pseudonym. Aloof to see if the acknowledgment would be beneath abounding with accidental actuality about me.

But what if we booty article like the “Oh Shenandoah” adventure of “The Newsroom.” Wasn’t the criticism there all about the way you wrote about campus rape, not that you wrote about it? Or you’re adage bodies are conflating those things? They’re absolutely conflating characters with me. That accurate episode, I apperceive it agitated some bodies profoundly. I don’t anticipate you accept to accept a claimed botheration with me to not like my work. But sometimes it gets added claimed than not affection it. With article like “Oh Shenandoah,” it becomes about how it’s white macho advantage and I’m actuality insensitive.

Do you anticipate there ability be some authority to that? I do not. I anticipate that there were 50 altered agency you could address that story, all of them valid. But the difficult affair is, we are all about innocent until accurate accusable unless it’s animal assault. That becomes a difficult thing, and you appetence to address about difficult things. The moment in that adventure was — I’m sorry, I’m not activity to be able to adduce it verbatim, but Thomas Sadoski’s character, Don, says of the offscreen guy who’s accused of committing this thing, “I met with him, and I begin him to be sketchy.” But afresh he says, “I’m about answerable to accept the sketchy, douchy guy.” I accede with him. I accede with him because if you’re not answerable to accept him, afresh why are you answerable to accept Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

I anticipate allotment of the botheration ability accept been a faculty that if you’re activity to address about campus rape, afresh is the moral bind of the white macho announcer absolutely the best absorbing or advantageous affair to be attractive at? So you’re adage that the botheration is that I didn’t address about article else?

I anticipate so, yes. All right. Fair enough. Again, alike if you disagree with Don, which of advance you’re advantaged to do, it doesn’t accomplish the columnist aloof to campus rape. That’s area the applesauce starts and I tune out.

How has the Aaron Sorkin business afflicted over the years? I’m apprehensive if TV’s about-face against alive and blur studios’ attraction with above-mentioned bookish acreage has afflicted you at all. Here’s how the business changed: With the barring of “A Few Acceptable Men,” because of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in aggressive uniforms, I don’t anticipate any cine I’ve anytime accounting would be fabricated today, and I’m including “The Amusing Network,” which won all kinds of Oscars and was a banking hit. Now it’s abundant easier to get a $100 actor cine fabricated than a $30 actor cine made, and I tend to address $30 actor movies in which there is actual little of beheld absorption and which affection a lot of bodies talking. So there are $3 actor movies and there are Marvel movies, and we’re starting to lose aggregate in between. But every cine we see a blow from in some Oscar attendant reel — except for “Titanic” and “I’m the baron of the world” — is from the average movies. Already we accomplish those the area of alive services, we’re accident article important, which is audiences. Annihilation will anytime alter the acquaintance of strangers sitting in a aphotic theater, experiencing it together, bedlam at the aforementioned time.

David Marchese is a agents biographer and the Allocution columnist for the magazine.This account has been edited and abridged for accuracy from two conversations.

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