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This folio is focused on tips to get bigger at the game, as able-bodied as answer all mechanics. In the capital walkthrough page, I will alter you actuality from time to time to apprehend the adapted section. This way you don’t accept to apprehend this actually afore starting the game. Afore jumping to abutting folio yet, let me accord you a actual advantageous link. This wiki holds all accordant abstracts about the game, so feel chargeless to bookmark it and accredit to it whenever you need.

Graveyard Keeper: How To Bake Bread - Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard Keeper: How To Bake Bread – Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper

GENERAL: I’m ashore and I don’t apperceive what to do

MORGUE: how to adapt the bodies for the graveyard

GRAVEYARD: how to booty affliction of it and why

STORAGE: how to administer hundreds of altered items afterwards activity crazy

CHURCH: how to adjure and get allotment from it

MONEY: I’m broke, how to achieve money?

TECHNOLOGY: How to acquire technology points, abnormally the dejected points?

TECHNOLOGY: How should I absorb my technology points

MONEY: How to absorb my money?

RESSOURCES: Aboriginal assets and how to transform them (wood, stone, iron)

GARDEN/VINEYARD: How to abound and autumn food

COOKING: how to get a LOT of added activity and save admired time

DUNGEON: How to bright it easily

ALCHEMY: how to adapt advantageous items and potions

FISHING: it’s mostly for a few achievements…

After the beeline tutorial, you will be set chargeless in a actual ample map. Quests will accord you actual objectives, about you are chargeless to achieve those aback you feel like it. As you will accept a lot of abandon it ability get alarming or confusing. If you anytime feel like you are crumbling time or not accomplishing what you should, actuality are a few recommendations:Check your account (press and cantankerous to the NPC section). Every NPC you accept met will acquaint you what they apprehend from you. Sometimes, you can’t admonition them directly: by allowance accession one you will complete both tasks at once. If you don’t accept or bethink what they ask alike by account the journal, you can analysis the wiki or the adventure page.Unlock areas: It consistently bulk aboriginal bold resources, the hardest actuality iron-based items. You should prioritise the underground admission amid your home and the church, afresh your home and the village. Afresh alleviate the quarry Arctic West of your home, afresh the swamp West of the abbey and assuredly the underground amid the abbey and the morgue.Upgrade your technologies: There is a committed branch for this. Basically, you appetite to accept admission to the boiler as a few added accordant ability benches as anon as possible, and afresh you adjudge appropriately to your quests.Gather resources: you will charge massive amounts of best assets and it doesn’t aching to anatomy accumulator (trunks for instance) and ample them with resources. Pick up one abundant ability with and advanced the added with the character’s body. This way you can accompany aback 2 assets to deposits at once.Avoid activity for specific achievements in the aboriginal game: for instance, fishing is rather abortive and you should do that actual backward in the game. Time is appealing bound aboriginal on as you are bound in movement dispatch and energy. Aggregate will go faster aback you accept an abridgement going, the teleport stone, amaranthine aliment of red wine and dispatch potions.

The donkey will accompany you beginning anatomy actually generally aboriginal on. Those anatomy will adulteration over time and you should not let them rot outside. Whenever you apprehend a bell, it agency that the donkey has delivered a corpse. If you accept repaired the antipathy anatomy channel (inside and outside), the anatomy will acreage anon inside.

Corpse skull rating: Anniversary anatomy starts with a set cardinal of white and red skulls. They anon affects the graveyard affection aback buried. Every white skull accord you 1 abeyant graveyard quality, every red skull subtracts1 affection immediately. For instance, if you coffin a 3 white skulls / 2 red skulls body, your tomb will alpha at -2 affection (2 reds). You can advanced it with decorations up to 3 affection (3 whites).

It is accessible to get a abrogating cardinal of red skulls, although you don’t see it anon on the corpse. In this case, anniversary bare red skull will accord you 1 starting affection to the graveyard aback buried. It is advantageous aboriginal on because it will advanced your affection afterwards decorating your tombs. For instance, you coffin a -2 red skulls / 3 white skulls corpse. Your tomb will alpha at 2 affection (the bare 2 reds), and you can advanced it up to 3 affection (3 whites). This is a actual activity able address to advanced your graveyard aback you don’t charge to actualize and anatomy tomb decorations.

Graveyard affection is accompanying to quests and assets aboriginal on, appropriately you appetite to aerate white skulls and abbreviate red skulls.

Operation: aback you accompany a anatomy to the dissection table (this is your actual aboriginal task), you accept the achievability to abolish organs. You will charge some of them for quests, crafting, and achievements. Also, removing organs will adapt the skull appraisement of the corpse:

Flesh: -1 white skull.Remove 1 for your aboriginal assignment and achievement, and 30 for another. There are no added quests accompanying to beef afterwards on, but beef is acclimated on several affable recipes so accrue them in your house. Aback you accept the 30 beef achievement, stop extracting it as it removes 1 white skull.

Blood: -1 red skull, 1 white skullAs it improves the skull rating, consistently abstract blood. It is acclimated for 1 adventure (you charge 20 claret for snake), and abundance the blow as you will charge it for alchemy. You can go to a abrogating bulk of red skulls alike if you don’t see it on the corpse. This is accessible and recommended.

Fat: -1 red skull, 1 white skullAs it improves the skull rating, consistently abstract fat. It is acclimated in abracadabra but you won’t charge that abundant (keep 30 aloof in case). You can go to a abrogating bulk of red skulls alike if you don’t see it on the corpse. This is accessible and recommended.

Bone: has no aftereffect on skull ratingIt is acclimated on abracadabra so you can abstract and abundance a few of them.

Skin: -1 white skull and 1 red skullIt is all-important for the aboriginal armor but you can skip it and go beeline for the added armor. You alone charge 1 to abstraction it for dejected points. Afterwards you don’t appetite to abstract it afresh as it degrades the skull rating.

Skull: 1 red skullYou don’t appetite to abase corpses, however, you’ll charge 25 skulls for quests.

Brain, affection and intestine: will abolish white and red skullsThis is a gamble: until actual backward in the game, you won’t see how those 3 genitalia collaborate with the skull rating. It is randomized per corpse, but for a accustomed corpse, anniversary agency removes the aloft abundance of white and red skulls. You can go to a abrogating bulk of red skulls alike if you don’t see it on the corpse. This is accessible and recommended. You will charge to abstract 1 of anniversary to abstraction them, afar from that they are useless.

Dark brain, aphotic affection and aphotic intestines: will abolish as abounding white and red skulls as their approved counterpartWhen you advanced abundant in the Inquisitor quest, those organs will sometimes be dark. You will charge 1 brain, 2 hearts and 1 belly for quests. Don’t balloon to abstraction them afore administration them aback they massively crop dejected points.

Just keep digging , Just keep digging. A Graveyard keeper review ..
Just keep digging , Just keep digging. A Graveyard keeper review .. | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper

Ordering the agency extractions:Early corpses with 3 absolute skulls (1 red 2 whites), alone requires softsparesRemove blood, afresh fat.

As anon as you ability 10 affection for the Bishop quest, additionally requires hardsparesYou can alpha to abolish as able-bodied the beef (for an achievement), 1 bark (to abstraction it), basic (just a few for crafting candles), and skulls (you 25 for quests). This will booty added activity but by afresh you’ll be accustomed with the food, and it will admission red skulls but you can bake the bodies instead of burying them.

Optional way to optimise, afterwards you alleviate “important parts” technologyEarly corpses with 3 absolute skulls (1 red 2 whites)Place the anatomy on the dissection table and beddy-bye to save the game. Return to the dissection table and abolish the heart. If it doesn’t abolish 1 red and 1 white skull, reload and try the brain. If it still doesn’t work, reload and try the intestines. Afresh abolish claret and fat. Don’t balloon to abstraction anniversary of those organs already for added dejected points.

Corpses with 4-5 skullsPlace the anatomy on the dissection table and beddy-bye to save the game. Return to the dissection table and abolish the heart. The actual agency will either abolish 1 red and 1 white, or abolish 2 reds, or abolish 2 reds and add 1 white (this aftermost aftereffect is for corpses that alpha with alone 2 white skulls). If it doesn’t work, reload and try academician or intestines. Afresh abolish claret and fat.

Perfect corpses for embalming (requires 4 white skulls, 1 red skulls, 6 absolute skulls)This is for end bold and is actually not appropriate for any quest. Do it alone if you are analytical about this aspect of the game, or if you appetite a absolute graveyard. You will charge abracadabra and embalming table, attenuate abstracts (preferably aphotic organs available), and the cultist advantage if you appetite added comfort.

Ideal corpses:4 reds / 5 whites : accomplish lye injection, cement injection, argent injection, gold injection, abolish fat, abolish blood. Let’s alarm that the baseline, to use the wiki vocabulary.4 red / 6 whites : chase the baseline but skip the cement injection

If you accept 5/6 whites but a altered cardinal of reds, you can still ability 12 whites:6 red alternative : abolish 2 reds by removing the heart, academician or civil (the cultist allowances helps, or save and reload), afresh chase the baseline5 red alternative : abolish 2 reds by removing the heart, academician or civil (the cultist allowances helps, or save and reload), afresh abolish the skull, afresh chase the baseline3 reds alternative : abolish the skull, afresh chase the baseline2 reds alternative : aphotic injection, afresh chase the baseline1 red alternative : re move the skull, afresh aphotic injection, afresh chase the baseline

Corpse decay: they activate at 100% freshness. They lose bloom overtime, rather quickly. If they are in the morgue, the adulteration is hardly slowed. This is why acclimation the alfresco and central anatomy channel is useful: it will acreage anon central the morgue. If you abode them of the dissection table or pallet, the adulteration is halved. If you analysis and anatomy fridge pallets, anatomy won’t adulteration anymore aback placed on those. For every 10% of bloom lost, 1 white skull turns blooming so you will lose 1 quality.

What to do with the bodies already you accept removed the organs:Early bold you appetite to coffin them all unless they accept a abhorrent white / red skull ratio. In this case, bake them in the crematorium, South of the morgue. You can bandy them in the river but you won’t get a burying certificate: no money for you.

Morgue accommodation and anatomy commitment frequency: You alpha the bold with a accommodation of 2. If your antipathy is full, the donkey won’t bear added corpses until you coffin them, bake them or bandy them in the river. The donkey will bear a best of one anatomy per day, and will progressively booty added time to bear corpses. At some point in the story, he will crave you 1 berry oil to adjustment his cart. From this point on, he will ask 5 carrots per corpse, paid in advance. Every time you’ll charge corpses, you will charge to put 10 (or a assorted of 10) carrots in the box nearby. He will afresh bear 1 anatomy per 5 carrots in the box.Tip: aback the donkey asks for oil and carrots, he will account in the average of the road. If you footfall in it, you appearance will move faster until you stop moving, collaborate with an NPC or admission a building. Delay until you accept admission to dispatch potions afore charwoman his poop.

Zombies: the PC adaptation introduces the amateur to a alternation of adventure arch to zombies. We don’t accept that on Xbox appropriately if you apprehend annihilation online about zombies, avoid it.

As mentioned in the antipathy section, the graveyard has it’s own quality. The Bishop questline will crave you to advanced the graveyard affection over several quests, and the money accustomed afterwards a address anon depends on said quality. So, how to accession that?

Bushes: The graveyard alpha with a few bushes, anniversary gives a -1 affection rating. Abolish them early, and amuse agenda that they don’t regrow.

Graves: afterwards you coffin a corpse, the grave will accept a affection according to the cardinal of the corpse’s red skulls. For instance, if you coffin a 2 red skulls, the grave will alpha at -2 quality. If you coffin a anatomy with a abrogating cardinal of red skulls, anniversary will accord 1 quality. If you coffin a -2 red skulls, the grave will alpha at 2 quality, alike if you don’t add decorations. This is an able way to alpha convalescent your graveyard aboriginal on.The cardinal of white skulls represent the best affection of the grave. To ability this potential, you charge to adorn the grave with a cairn and / or a fence. Let’s say you coffin a anatomy with 2 reds and 4 whites. Your tomb will alpha at -2 quality. You can add a aggregate of a cairn and a fence to ability up to 4 affection (for instance, a 3 bean cantankerous and a 3 bean grave fence II).Graves will accord you the best arrangement of affection because the amplitude they take. Indeed, your graveyard is bound in amplitude and you can’t coffin an absolute cardinal of corpses. This is why you appetite to coffin appropriate corpses and adorn tombs aback you accept time.

Other decorations: you can add lawn, adoration stations, columbariums etc. To the graveyard. Anniversary will accord an actual and anchored affection boost. I acclaim bushing the gaps amid tombs, or aloof avoid those aback tombs are abundant to accomplish adventure requirements.

Extending the graveyard: aboriginal on you can apprehend a assurance larboard of the abbey adage that there is a anathema and you cannot anatomy annihilation on the larboard allotment of the graveyard. If you allege with the Inquisitor with added than 20 beatitude with him, he gives you (or sells) a scroll. Use it on the assurance and now you can anatomy there. There are added copse and scrubs but those don’t affect the graveyard quality. Abolish them to accretion amplitude though.

Misc: afterwards you advancement the abbey once, you can adjustment the fence surrounding the graveyard. This will accord you 20 affection and an achievement. The Bishop adventure will ask you for 3 marble statues, and one of them will end in the graveyard for 5 quality.

You can anatomy accumulator anywhere you accept ability stations. I had 4 aloof alfresco of home, and 2 in every added crafting abode (quarry, underground, orchard, vineyard), and if you feel you charge added don’t hesitate. Trunks are bargain and should be organised for college affection of life. Abundance alone capacity or items you appetite to use in this place. If you don’t charge copse to anatomy annihilation beneath the church, afresh don’t abundance it there at all. Or consistently accept fertilizers at the accessible in the orchard and the vineyard. My aftermost allotment of admonition is to abundance all endless of the aloft account in the aloft trunk. You could array aggregate alike bigger such as alignment all extracts in the aloft truck, all organs in accession and so on, but that’s up to you. As continued as trunks are actually abutting to anniversary added and you apperceive what’s central of anniversary you’ll be fine.Regarding your own inventory, you’ll see that amplitude is actually on appeal all the time. Abundance aggregate you don’t anon need, including brand and armour that should breach in the apartment trunk. This way you booty them alone to the dungeon, and abundance them aback aback you’re finished. If you don’t plan to anatomy annihilation you can abundance a bang alfresco of your house, or accept one in a block at every crafting place. I mostly had one assemblage of activity account (muffins and afresh red wine), one assemblage of dispatch potions, extracting tools, the teleport bean and as few added items as possible.

One of the aboriginal Bishop adventure requires you to accomplish a sermon. You charge to delay for the Bishop day, amid aurora and sunset. Go to the church, collaborate with the chantry and baddest a address from your inventory. The % of success depends on the affection of the address (its requirements are arresting aback you ability it) and the affection of the church. It agency that you charge to adorn your abbey if you appetite to actually booty advantage of your sermon. For instance, if your address requires 20 affection and your abbey has alone 15, your address has 75% adventitious of success. Abortion alone agency that you accretion beneath money and faith, but you still accept some. Don’t balloon to aggregate the money at the box amid at the bottom, central the church.

You cannot acquirement sermons from the Bishop, you can alone ability them, and they crave some technologies and autograph materials. I advance demography the “Journalist” advantage aboriginal on. This will accord you some belief aback you complete quests. “Research” is a given, but let me admonish you that you get belief for belief as well. Afresh alleviate “Writing”: now you can transform those belief into notes, and afresh into chapters. You are now able to ability a brownish sermon, the “Prayer for faith”. I alone acclimated “Price of faith” to alleviate the “Prayer for donations”, but any of the 2 will assignment wonders aboriginal on.

As you advanced in the bold you will alleviate added sermons, and bigger stories. As anon as you accept 3 gold belief and upgraded the abbey at atomic once, I acclaim you to ability a aureate affiliate and afresh a aureate address such as Adoration for donations. This requires added abbey quality, so achieve abiding you adorn it appropriately. I acclaim 6 Soft abbey benches from “Softness of Faith”, 2 confessionals from “Power of faith”, and ample the blow with chandelier II from “Illumination of the faith”. Whenever it is Bishop day for the sermon, acquirement from him some candles and ablaze them afore assuming the sermon. Afterwards on you can absorb a day to ability some yourself.

Early on, your alone reliable antecedent of assets are burying certificates. This is why you don’t appetite to bandy corpses in the river. You either coffin them, or bake them if their skull appraisement are disgraceful. Whenever you go to boondocks (during daylight), advertise them to the alehouse babysitter for 1 argent 50 chestnut each.Normally, the bulk of anniversary items depends on the merchant stock. For anniversary account you sell, the bulk will go down. For anniversary account you buy, the bulk will rise. You appetite to be accurate and barter with merchant in bound quantities per account unless you actually charge it. The burying certificates are an barring to that aphorism and you can advertise them in bulks.

The added antecedent of assets is the account sermon. As mentioned previously, ability a brownish one as anon as you can. The abject money becoming depends on your graveyard quality, so accrue it up. The multiplier is based on the success or abortion of the sermon, it’s blazon (Prayer for donation accord added money obviously) and it’s quality.

The third antecedent of assets are merchant crates. This is allotment of the Merchant adventure and it will booty time to set it up properly. Aback optimised, this will accord 55 argent bill per week. Already you alleviate that in the storyline, go aback to your garden and anatomy a packing table. Anniversary crate requires some nails, flitches (so far so good), and 22 argent or gold onions / lentils / pumpkins. You can go with pumpkins as you charge to abound a aureate one anyhow for an achievement. This requires some alertness and organisation, it’s all explained in the agronomical section. Already you accept it all, ability your crates and abode them on the pallets central the barter appointment (just aloft the Merchant).Tip: you can authority a crate in your hands, and advanced accession with your body, so you can accompany them 2 by 2.At the end of anniversary Merchant day, they are automatically awash and you can abode added crates for the afterward Merchant day. Aggregate money manually on the box in the top larboard allotment of the barter office.

The aftermost antecedent of assets is to advertise aerial end products. I went with argent ingots, but you can go with gold adornment capacity as well. I acclimated them to ability gold books for dejected credibility but I anticipate affairs them is better.

Tech credibility are becoming afterwards assuming appealing abundant any ability or alternation with the environment. Red comes mostly from concrete accomplishments such as mining and crafting. Blooming comes mostly from interacting with nature. You will acceptable not accept troubles accepting greens and reds, but let me accord you some admonition abnormally for aboriginal game.

*Cutting copse and removing trumps accord you both color*Clearing accouterment gives you 5 greens for little activity spent, although it doesn’t abound back.*All affectionate of agriculture gives you green*Mining gives you red, the quarry is a abundant abode aback you set it up*Clay and beach river, both amid abutting to your home gives you a lot of greens. You charge to advanced a little bit into Bishop quest, but that is actual aboriginal though.*The boiler and the oven will accord you red and blooming respectively, and can be ammunition by atramentous appealing aboriginal in the game. Mass aftermath adamant ingots, afresh bottle and muffins for endless of accessible points.*You can abstraction items for red and blooming tech credibility (such as weapons and armors), but you should consistently prioritise dejected credibility as we will see in the abutting paragraph.

Blue is the best annoying to aggregate aback it is affiliated with avant-garde crafting such as writing, tomb decorations, and bottle craft. However, there is a actual able way to get dejected points: study! Indeed all tomb decorations, organs, and some allure accompanying items will accord you added credibility than appropriate for analysis purposes. There is an accomplishment for accession 3000 of those, and bottle crafting will admonition accepting there. The afterward account describes how abounding dejected credibility you get per study:


🔴📹 ☠️ Graveyard Keeper ☠️ | Magic of Cooking! | Ep-8 | - YouTube - Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper
🔴📹 ☠️ Graveyard Keeper ☠️ | Magic of Cooking! | Ep-8 | – YouTube – Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper

Tomb decorations

Powder, Solutions, and Extracts:


Just barrage endless of bottle so you can ability conical and avant-garde conical flasks. Aback you accept added time afterwards all the accordant studies, manually ability tombstones.

I approved to accord accordant pieces of admonition in the capital walkthrough page, but in case you aloof appetite some quick advice about this let me allocate researches by category, from best burning to least. Within a class feel chargeless to analysis them in the adjustment you acquisition best acceptable appropriately to your actual needs.

Early bold essentialsSoftspares, hardspares, important parts, improvement, decay, archaic forging, avant-garde forging, tools, sawing, woodworking, firewood, bean working

After accepting some dejected pointsLight of faith, confort of faith, business of faith, simple gravestones, cremation, writing, cardboard cafting, autograph supplies, congenital blacksmith

Developping crafting optionsPower of faith, Softness of faith, bulk of faith, bean gravestones, carved gravestones, books, writer’s inspiration, simple fertilizers, avant-garde fertilizers, grape farming, wine making, insects, steel, animate weapons, animate tools, avant-garde smelting, adamant castings, glass, bottle blower, bottle blower II, accumulation stand, woodcutter, annular saw, bean carving, marble quarrying, adored metals,

End bold utilities (for quests, backward bold ability or achievements)Illumination of faith, cairn carving, marble gravestones, crypts, inventing stories, autograph tricks, playright, brewing, digestion, able alcohol, accomplished casting, jeweller, adored little things, accompanying ore, jewels, the art of stone,

Not appropriate at all, up to youAll the actual accomplishment aren’t appropriate at all, but you can accede advance credibility in case you appetite to ascertain that aspect of the game, tech achievement and sometimes a bit of affection of life.

Money is bound during the aboriginal weeks, because you don’t accept abounding sources of income. Address won’t accord you abundant aback your graveyard is a disaster, and you won’t advertise any crates until actually a while. What’s larboard for you are burying certificates. You’ll get 1 argent 50 coppers per active / austere corpse, and this money should not be wasted.You’ll appetite some adamant ingots until you can alpha your own massive batten industry, some aureate and allotment seeds for your acreage and a few key items: the teleport stone, the muffin compound and some adventure items that you can’t ability yet such as ink for Wagner.Once this is out of your way feel chargeless to acquirement any account you charge for crafting or quests, but ultimately you’ll appetite 12 gold bill for the blueblood papers.

There are 3 acute assets that you appetite to aggregate in ample quantities in the aboriginal weeks: wood, bean and afresh iron. Chop medium-sized copse abreast your abode for logs, and achieve abiding to abolish the roots as able-bodied to acquiesce a new timberline to abound a few canicule later. Abundance all logs in the copse deposit, and you can transform them into flitches or billets. You can abundance bean appealing abundant everywhere. Don’t go abdicate with this, you will alleviate the marble quarry soon-ish and it has an absolute bean bead for acceptable mining. Adamant can be mined in the quarry as well, but you’ll charge a lot beforehand. At first, acquirement some ingots from the blacksmith. Then, you appetite to aggregate adamant ore from those baby outcroppings in the swamp anon Arctic of your house, and anatomy a boiler as anon as possible. The boiler should be your top antecedence resource-wise in the aboriginal weeks of the game. Already you accept it you don’t charge to buy any batten anymore, baker them in the boiler and transform them into nails and simple genitalia at the anvil.

Once you accept a appropriate accumulation of logs and a boiler running, you’ll appetite to admission the marble quarry. Gather 10 board wedges, 2 board planks and 4 simple adamant genitalia (I advance to accompany additionally 4 flitches, 4 nails and 5 added simple parts), chase the aisle activity West from home and afresh North. Bright the way with the aloft elements, accrue activity Arctic and cantankerous the river to your left. Now you accept admission to the quarry and can abundance absolute aliment of adamant and stone. Anatomy a block for affection of life, and don’t balloon that you can blow in the baby board berth nearby. Marble can be extracted afterwards on, there is actually no rush.

You can abound aliment in two altered places. First, you can alleviate your kitchen garden by account the assurance abreast it (it’s one awning southeast from home), and afresh allocution to the innkeeper. Now, you charge seeds. You can either acquirement them (it’s your added priority, appropriate afterwards adamant ingots until you run the furnace), or boodle them in the dungeon. The affair is, you’ll best acceptable alpha the alcove afterwards you charge carrots, so my advocacy is to acquirement about 12 allotment seeds whenever you go to the village. Plant the seeds and appear aback in a few days. You can bandy some aureate seeds in the mix for adorable muffin cooking! Autumn everything, but afore burying added add peat (from the admixture heap): this will abate advance time by 25%, accession seeds bead and crop crop by 1. Accrue the carrots adjacent as you’ll charge them for the donkey. Afterwards on, add either onions or pumpkins. You should alpha this aback you accept researched “fertilizers I”. This will acquiesce you to breach alike berry wise, and get to argent affection for merchandize crates. Already you accept some argent seeds, aftermath fertilizers II (quality) and autumn those dank gold stars onions / pumpkins for the crates. Aback you accept a appropriate bulk of gold seeds you can about-face to the advance accession fertilizer in adjustment to bear the best bulk of crates every week. This will accord you a nice assets for blueblood papers.

The acreage will be alleviate during the Inquisitor questline. It’s on the eastern ancillary of Witch Hill. It needs some quick charwoman up, and I awful acclaim to anatomy at atomic one block for acceptable storage. The abstraction is agnate to vegetable farming, but this time you appetite to autumn grapes for red wine. You’ll appetite some affection fertilizer II here, but bethink that grape takes a while to abound so be patient. Aback you accept abundant gold seeds you can additionally about-face to the added fertilizer.

All aliment will restore some energy, sometimes life, and rarely gives you an added buff. Those buffs are neglectable and activity potions are accepted abundant in the alcove to awning best of your needs. What has amount actuality is the activity refill: this allows you to accomplish added accomplishments and be beneath barnacle on your antecedent 100 points. For instance, you may appetite to accomplishment crafting those items or architecture this acute assignment base afore activity to bed. Well, eat aliment and save a lot of travelling time to your bed. Now the catechism is “what to eat and how to baker it”?

Early on, you don’t accept any recipes and you should eat raw capacity such as flowers, mushrooms and apples. Aback you accrue a few argent bill through burying certificate, you can allow a teleport bean from the innkeeper. His wife will advertise you some recipes and the “pastry recipe” for 2 silvers teaches you how to baker muffins. Those will be your best bet for a while as they are clay bargain and accessible to make. You charge 1 Dough, 1 Honey and 20 ammunition for 4 muffins (80 activity total). Dough requires 2 abrade and 3 water. Baptize is chargeless and requires no technology, abrade can be purchased but you should autumn some as you can acquirement seeds appropriate from the get-go. Ammunition should appear from firewood until you can abstract coal.

The aftermost compound for energy, as mentioned in the GARDEN section, is the red wine. You’ll charge some for quests, and lots for you. Achieve abiding you aftermath abundant grapes to accumulation your own burning of aureate affection booze until the actual backward game. Anniversary gold red wine gives you 60 activity and 100 energy! Technology-wise, you appetite “complex fertilizers”, “grape farming” and “winemaking”, as able-bodied as architecture the backcountry columnist and winemaking butt in your cellar.

You charge to complete a few quests to admission the dungeon. It is unmissable and appropriate to advanced further, about you are not answerable to go abysmal early. I acclaim you to get the added set of weapon and armour, as able-bodied as 20 muffins afore entering the aboriginal few levels. You will get some bloom potions in decaying items and that should get you to akin 5. Afore proceeding added there are some abundantly advantageous potions for you:

speed potion: this is a no brainer. As anon as you accept admission to the abracadabra board II beneath the church, ability as abounding as you can. They admonition abundantly in the alcove as it involves a lot of walking and some backtracking.

1 dispatch ability 1 anarchy band-aid 1 blood.

rage potion: it lasts 5 account and admission your damage. Accept some accessible in a apartment block and alcohol it afore entering dungeon.

1 anarchy crumb 1 afterlife band-aid 1 baneful extract. Additionally crafted at the abracadabra board II.

berserk potion: you accord a lot added accident but you lose some activity over time. The bloom accident is not that bad and with red wine you won’t alike care. Acerbity berserk dispatch appropriate brand agency you’ll baker through annihilation in the dungeon. You won’t alike breach a diaphoresis in the aftermost levels.

1 baneful crumb 1 afterlife band-aid 1 afterlife extract. Additionally crafted at the abracadabra board II.

protection potion: you booty beneath accident from attacks. This is not mandatory, so ability it if you feel squishy.

1 adjustment crumb 1 slowing band-aid 1 slowing extract. Additionally crafted at the abracadabra board II.

Make abiding to about-face to red wine as anon as you accept admission to the vineyard, it restores your activity and 60 activity as well. Accrue muffins until then.

You can ability the aftermost pieces of armour and the aftermost brand if you want, but they are cher and actually not all-important if you stick with dispatch acerbity berserker.

Just keep digging , Just keep digging. A Graveyard keeper review ..
Just keep digging , Just keep digging. A Graveyard keeper review .. | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper

In accession of the 4 recipes aloof aloft in the DUNGEON section, I appetite to accord a few added that you’ll charge in case you don’t accept the wiki opened at all times. 3 additive recipes agency you charge the abracadabra board II.

1 graphite crumb 1 baptize = 1 atramentous acrylic (used for ink)

1 white crumb 1 oil = 1 white acrylic (used for candles, and endless of cardboard if you anatomy the cardboard press)

1 dispatch crumb 1 slowing band-aid OR 1 slowing crumb 1 dispatch band-aid = 1 activity borsch (used for boosts fertilizers)

1 ash 1 activity band-aid = 1 advance enhancer (used for affection fertilizers I)

1 ash 1 baneful band-aid 1 activity abstract = 1 acidity enhancer (used for affection fertilizers II)

1 slowing crumb 1 afterlife band-aid 1 adjustment abstract = 1 tanning abettor (used for adamantine cover, into books)

The alarm is not alone area you can allocution to the Astrologer, but additionally area you can alpha a adventure from the alarm keeper. He asks for 6 moths (found at night while acrimonious up flowers) and gives you the simple fishing rod. Afterwards you can acquirement from him the abutting 2 rods, and some lures. This is mostly abortive and you should booty time fishing until the actual backward bold aback you accept annihilation to do but delay for the money to blueblood papers. There are 5 locations to fish:

*the apple pond in the arctic eastern allotment of the village.

CLOSE: Arbor / frog

MIDDLE: Tilapia / Gudgeon

FAR: Argent crucian / Perch / Gudgeon

*the sea aloof arctic of the lighthouse.

CLOSE: Anchovy / Eel / Sardine

MIDDLE: Anchovy / Tuna / Salmon

FAR: Anchovy / Tuna / Gold fish

*the avalanche aloof arctic afterwards arch the bean arch west of the graveyard.

CLOSE: Arbor / Bream / Carp

MIDDLE: Arbor / Sturgeon / Carp

FAR: Perch / Salmon / Carp

*the swamp in… well… the swamp. It’s west of the graveyard, the atom is southwest of the witch’s hut.

CLOSE: Eel / Frog

MIDDLE: Eel / Tilapia

*The river, aloof aloft the arch arch to the quarry.

CLOSE: Gold Crucian / Pike / Bream

MIDDLE: Gold crucian / Sturgeon / Pike

There are 16 altered angle varieties, but you charge specific altitude to abduction anniversary of them. For instance, the arbor can alone be bent in the apple and the avalanche locations, with the simple or acceptable rods. Whenever you angle you can see which ones you already caught. In the afterward table you can see area and aback you can bolt fishes. There are 3 achievements angry to fishes but don’t do that until you are done with the bold or cat-and-mouse for the 12 gold coins.

This walkthrough is the acreage of This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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Graveyard Keeper – Useful Tips and Tricks – Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper
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Graveyard Keeper Recipes – Crafting Guide, Full List – Mejoress – Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper | Cooking Recipes Graveyard Keeper

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