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The nice affair about sandwiches is that, clashing abounding added kinds of food, they’re usually accessible to accomplish if you accept the appropriate ingredients. (Photo: LauriPatterson / Getty Images)

8 Sandwich Wraps You’ll Want to Roll-Up for Lunch | Taste of Home – Recipes Sandwich Wraps | Recipes Sandwich Wraps

Staying at home all the time and not actuality accustomed to go alfresco except for basic activities such as accomplishing grocery arcade comes with abounding challenges, and one of them is how to break abroad from the fridge. Whether you are athirst or aloof bored, the aftereffect if generally the aforementioned – you accomplish yourself a snack. Oftentimes, that bite is a sandwich.

According to one study, we absorb as abounding as 300 actor of them a day – a arresting number, because that the U.S. citizenry is alone about 330 million. We eat them for lunch, sometimes for dinner, frequently for breakfast.


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We eat sandwiches algid and hot, abounding with meat, seafood, cheese, and more. Some are adopted from added cultures, such as Vietnam’s bánh mì, or at atomic aggressive by them, like the Cuban or the Italian beef. Some are all-American, like peanut adulate and jelly.

According to the all-embracing analysis abstracts and analytics close YouGov, the best accepted sandwich in America aftermost year was the broiled cheese, with some 79% of analysis respondents advertisement that they “somewhat like” or “really like” it. (A bald 69% acquainted the aforementioned about the BLT, and alone 48% advantaged the Reuben.)

The nice affair about sandwiches is that, clashing abounding added kinds of food, they’re usually accessible to accomplish if you accept the appropriate ingredients. You allegedly accept aggregate you charge for some of them, like PB&J or broiled cheese, in the abode appropriate now. Others ability crave a little targeted grocery shopping, but with alone a few exceptions, they’re aloof accepted capacity abiding amid two pieces of aliment or in a roll.

What some bodies ability accede the two best accepted American sandwiches of all, incidentally – the hot dog and the hamburger – weren’t advised by that YouGov survey, conceivably for acceptable reason: Despite the actuality that they would assume to fit the basal analogue of a sandwich, abounding bodies assume to accept that they accord in a class of their own. The amount has alike aggressive a “Change My View” Reddit cilia headed “Hotdogs and hamburgers are not sandwiches.”

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24/7 Tempo has accumulated a account of two dozen sandwiches that accept become absolutely iconic in America – adolescence favorites, bounded specialties, booth essentials, and added – abacus up to a vivid, aged account of our sandwich-eating habits. You’ll be able to adjustment a lot of them in for home commitment appropriate now if you appetite to, but you can additionally accomplish best of them yourself.

Bánh mì. (Photo: bhofack2 / Getty Images)

Bánh mì

Banh mi has been alleged “the world’s admired sandwich” and “America’s hottest sandwich trend.” A Vietnamese apparatus afflicted by Vietnam’s French colonizers, it’s a ample brew of pickled vegetables, beginning herbs, and pâté and/or assorted broiled meats on a breach baguette. Today, it’s begin all over America, from Seattle to New York, Los Angeles to New Orleans.


The bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich – the BLT – is anticipation to accept descended from Victorian-era tea sandwiches. Recipes for article agnate arise as aboriginal as 1920, admitting the appellation “BLT” seems to date from the aboriginal 1940s. This accepted booth basic is carefully accompanying to the club sandwich (see below).

Breakfast sandwich

8 Sandwich Wraps You’ll Want to Roll-Up for Lunch | Taste of Home – Recipes Sandwich Wraps | Recipes Sandwich Wraps

Pete Wells, the restaurant analyzer for the New York Times, alleged the archetypal breakfast sandwich – eggs, cheese, and either bacon, sausage, or ham on a roll, bagel, English muffin, croissant, or acknowledgment – “a hero amid sandwiches.” Jack in the Box alien the aboriginal fast-food adaptation of the sandwich in 1969, but it was alone afterwards the Egg McMuffin fabricated its admission at McDonald’s in 1972 that its acceptance took off and it became an American classic.

Chicken sandwich

Though bodies absolutely put craven in some anatomy amid a brace of pieces of aliment continued afore 1964, that was the year that an Atlanta restaurateur alleged S. Truett Cathy patented a sandwich out of boneless breaded absurd craven on a bun and christened it the Chick-fil-A. McDonald’s alien its adaptation of the sandwich in 1980 (it flopped, but was auspiciously adored in 1988), and today abounding chains, including the high-end Shake Shack, accept their own interpretations. Aftermost summer, the alleged Craven Sandwich War, alveolate a new craven sandwich alien by Popeyes adjoin those awash by Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and others.

Club sandwich. (Photo: bhofack2 / Getty Images)

Club sandwich

There’s a approach that the name of this accepted sandwich – an addition of the BLT (see above) begin on auberge allowance account airheaded everywhere – is an acronym, continuing for “chicken beneath bill and bacon.” Added acceptable is the alternating approach that the name is abbreviate for “clubhouse sandwich,” so alleged because it was aboriginal fabricated at the Saratoga Club Abode (a bank den in Saratoga Springs, New York) or possibly the Union Club in New York City. Generally complete as a triple-decker, it is sometimes fabricated with turkey instead of chicken, and ham may be added to either version.

Cuban sandwich

Pork, ham, bologna (sometimes) Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and alacrity on abrupt Cuban aliment – that’s the Cuban sandwich. As with abounding sandwiches – abounding dishes in accepted – its history is hazy. What’s about certain, though, is that it doesn’t appear from Cuba. Instead, it was developed by Cuban cigar branch owners in the Ybor Burghal adjacency of Tampa, Florida, allegedly in the backward 1800s. In 2012, it was clearly alleged Tampa’s signature sandwich by the burghal council.

French dip

The French dip – thin-sliced buzz beef or added meat on a continued French cycle whose cut abandon accept been biconcave into the baking pan juices – was invented in Los Angeles by a Parisian, one Philippe Mathieu. The adventure is that one day in 1918, a decade afterwards he’d opened his sandwich boutique in city L.A., Mathieu accidentally alone a cycle into the baking pan while he was authoritative a sandwich for a bounded policeman. The cop ate the sandwich anyway, and admired it so abundant that he came aback the abutting day with his buddies for more. Now you can get French dips all over the country – but Philippe’s is still activity strong.

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Grilled cheese

Bread and cheese acrimonious calm is an abstraction that goes aback at atomic to Roman times. The appellation “grilled cheese,” though, dates alone from about the 1930s, and may accept coincided with the addition of the electric sandwich barbecue (invented by Thomas Edison). While some purists assert that the sandwich should be fabricated with white aliment and American cheese, added recipes alarm for a array of cheeses (sometimes combined), breads, and additions – from bacon and amazon to buzz beef or macaroni and cheese. The accepted aggregate of broiled cheese sandwiches and amazon soup was allegedly invented in academy cafeteria kitchens during the Depression.


A basic of cafeteria carts in abounding cities, the gyro is a Greek-American sandwich (possibly invented in New York City) consisting of thin-sliced or baldheaded meat adapted on a vertical spit, served on pita bread, generally with disconnected bill and chopped amazon and a white yogurt-based booze of some kind. Accompanying to the shawarma of the Middle East and the döner kebabs of Turkey, the gyro – arresting “YEE-ro” (the appellation comes from the Greek chat for “spin,” a advertence to the spit) – the aboriginal gyro meat was lamb. Today, it’s acceptable to be a blended of beef, lamb, breadcrumbs, and spices, apprenticed into cylinders.

Hot Brown. (Photo: mphillips007 / Getty Images)

Hot Brown

A specialty of Louisville, Kentucky, the Hot Brown was invented in the kitchen of the city’s Brown Auberge in 1926. It’s basically an open-faced broken turkey sandwich on blubbery Texas toast, added with bacon, tomatoes, and Mornay booze (a buttery Béchamel booze with disconnected cheese broiled in). The auberge dining allowance is said to serve about 1,000 of the sandwiches per week, and it’s additionally accessible at added than 40 added restaurants in Louisville – as able-bodied as abundant added venues about the country.

Vegan Cream Cheese Veggie Wraps - Recipes Sandwich Wraps
Vegan Cream Cheese Veggie Wraps – Recipes Sandwich Wraps | Recipes Sandwich Wraps

Italian beef

Somewhere amid the abysmal sandwich (see below) and the French dip (see above) is this Chicago invention, dating from the 1930s, is composed of baldheaded buzz beef, giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables), candied peppers, and beef gravy on an Italian roll. Its name notwithstanding, annihilation agnate exists in Italy. While the sandwich is still accepted mostly in the Midwest, it may now be begin in added genitalia of the country, too. For instance, one aloft Italian beef chain, Portillo’s, now has branches in Florida, Arizona, and California.

Lobster roll

Though it is acerb associated with Maine – advised America’s lobster basic – the aboriginal lobster cycle was allegedly served at a restaurant in Connecticut, aback in 1929. Fans analyze amid two varieties of the sandwich: a Connecticut lobster cycle consists of chunks of lobster meat served balmy on a buttered hot dog or hamburger bun; the Maine adaptation is fabricated with algid lobster meat dressed with mayonnaise, sometimes alloyed with scallions, chives, celery, and/or tarragon, and is commonly served in the abyss of a split-top hot dog bun.

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Meatball sandwich

In Italy, meatballs are served as a capital course, not with pasta – abundant beneath in a sandwich. The meatball sandwich, a aberration on the abysmal sandwich (see below), is aloof what it sounds like: an Italian cycle abounding with meatballs, about consistently in a amazon sauce, with provolone or mozzarella usually added. A accepted alms at sandwich shops and Italian-American delis, it was allegedly aboriginal fabricated about the about-face of the 20th century.

Monte Cristo

Though it can be adamantine to acquisition today, there was a time in the mid-20th aeon aback this analytical sandwich appeared on airheaded at coffee shops and tea apartment all over America. About everybody agrees that it was invented in California – possibly in San Francisco, possibly at the Auberge del Coronado abreast San Diego. It’s a double- or triple-decker sandwich of broken ham, chicken, and Swiss cheese, captivated calm by toothpicks, biconcave in an egg concoction and absurd in adulate to a golden-brown hue. It is usually dusted in delicate amoroso and served with jam.

Muffuletta. (Photo: bhofack2 / Getty Images)


This specialty of New Orleans is like a added busy Italian-style abysmal sandwich (see below), annular instead of elongated. Said to accept been invented at Central Grocery in the French Quarter, it allegedly grew out of the accidental lunches Sicilian-born farmers would eat afterwards affairs their aftermath at the adjacent market. It consists of a annular loaf of hardly absorptive aliment about a basal in diameter, abounding with salami, prosciutto, and/or sometimes added Italian cafeteria meats, forth with broken cheese (usually provolone), olive salad, garlic, and sometimes the pickled vegetables alleged giardiniera.

Pastrami on rye

Pastrami is an American adaptation of the salted, wind-dried beef accepted as pastrama or basturma in Armenia and the Balkans. It’s smoked and cured, with spices that about accommodate garlic, pepper, paprika, and allspice, amid others. The aboriginal pastrami in America seems to accept been served in New York Burghal in the backward 19th aeon by a Lower East Side cafeteria buyer from Lithuania alleged Sussman Volk – and he was allegedly the aboriginal to abundance slices of it assimilate rye bread. The delis of Manhattan’s amphitheater commune are said to accept affected it in the 1920s and ’30s, and today it is as abundant a cafeteria basic as the Reuben (see below).

Peanut adulate and jelly

Peanut adulate as we apperceive it today dates from the backward 19th aeon (one avant-garde in its assembly was John Harvey Kellogg of atom fame), and the aboriginal compound for the sandwich bargain accepted as the PB&J was appear in 1901. With the appearance of broken aliment in the backward 1920s and the admeasurement of bartering peanut adulate brands, it became accepted nationwide. The actuality that it was accessible and bargain fabricated it a admired during the Depression, and it was included on aggressive airheaded during World War II afore acceptable the ultimate academy cafeteria and after-school bite for millions of American kids.

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Philly cheesesteak

Chicken Ranch Wraps - Recipes Sandwich Wraps
Chicken Ranch Wraps – Recipes Sandwich Wraps | Recipes Sandwich Wraps

According to Philadelphia’s official day-tripper site, VisitPhilly, this now all-over sandwich was invented in 1930 by a Philadelphia hot dog bell-ringer alleged Pat Olivieri – namesake of Pat’s King of Steaks, one of the city’s best acclaimed purveyors of cheesesteaks today. In its simplest form, the sandwich is agilely broken beef and broiled cheese on a submarine-style roll, with or afterwards absurd onions, mushrooms, and/or candied or ambrosial peppers. The cheese is generally the candy cheese booze alleged Cheez Whiz, but may additionally be American or provolone.

Pimento cheese

Pimento cheese – the alleged “pâté of the South” – is a cheese advance brindle with $.25 of red pimento (or pimiento) pepper. What affectionate of cheese and what abroad goes into the mix is the accountable of abundant discussion. Some say it’s annihilation but cheddar, pimentos, and mayonnaise. Others ability add some aggregate of chrism cheese, Monterey jack, garlic, Tabasco sauce, auto juice, and/or apparent cream. Like added sandwich spreads, pimento cheese became accepted during World War I as an easy, big-ticket additive to augment troops in the acreage and their supporters at home. The sandwiches, usually aloof pimento cheese advance thickly on white bread, are still accepted barbecue (and funeral) book in the South.


Legend has it that the po’boy was invented by a brace of accommodating brothers in New Orleans in 1929 to augment arresting streetcar workers (“poor boys”) for free. The po’boy is yet addition aberration on the abysmal (see below), but commonly fabricated with French aliment loaves with a close band rather than the soft-crust Italian-style rolls best of its counterparts employ. The name “po’boy” refers to the form, not the contents. The sandwich may be fabricated with annihilation from buzz beef to absurd shrimp (the best accepted fillings), but absurd oysters, crawfish, bendable carapace crabs, or catfish; sausage, ham and assorted added bologna meats; alike hamburgers can go into the sandwich. Condiments ability accommodate some aggregate of lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup, butter, and mayonnaise.

Pulled pork. (Photo: bhofack2 / Getty Images)

Pulled pork

Pulled pork, a barbecue staple, is meat (often pork shoulder) that’s been long-smoked, again pulled afar into shreds. It’s not assertive who aboriginal absitively to accomplish a sandwich out of it, but acclaim sometimes goes to Leonard Heuberger of Leonard’s barbecue pit in Memphis, who put the meat, forth with barbecue booze and coleslaw on a bun in the 1920s. The sandwich is additionally broadly associated with North Carolina, admitting barbecue joints all over America serve it today.


The cafeteria archetypal accepted as the Reuben sandwich – corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian bathrobe on rye aliment – was alleged for a man alleged Reuben. Which man alleged Reuben is a amount of some debate. Best sources say that it’s Arnold Reuben of Reubens Restaurant and Delicatessen, who is said to accept created the sandwich in 1914 (however, his aboriginal was fabricated with broiled ham and buzz turkey instead of corned beef). An alternating approach cites Reuben Kulakofsky, co-owner of the Central Bazaar in Omaha, who may accept invented it in 1925 to augment his poker buddies. Either way, it has become one of the best acclaimed of all American sandwiches.

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No added sandwich goes by as abounding altered names – submarine, sub, hero, hoagie, grinder, wedge, torpedo, etc., etc. The aboriginal version, involving salami, cheese, pickled peppers, and olives, accumulated into a long, bendable Italian-style cycle dressed with olive oil, was allegedly alien to America in the aboriginal 20th aeon by Italian immigrant laborers. As it became accepted aloft the Italian community, such capacity as buzz beef, broken turkey, American-style cheeses, bill and tomato, and mayonnaise or alacrity were added. Bánh mì, the Philly cheese steak, Italian beef, the po’boy, and the meatball sandwich (see aloft for all of these) are variations on the theme.

Tuna melt. (Photo: MSPhotographic / Getty Images)

Tuna melt

Canned adolescent is the second-most-popular anatomy of seafood in the country afterwards shrimp, and Americans eat about 1 billion pounds of canned (including pouched) adolescent annually. One of the best accepted means to use canned tuna, of course, is in mayonnaise-bound adolescent salad. And one of the best accepted means to eat adolescent bloom is in a adolescent cook – an open-faced sandwich in which a adolescent bloom has been topped with cheddar or some added cheese and anesthetized beneath the broiler (sometimes it is reassembled as a accepted sandwich afterwards this process). References to open-faced adolescent sandwiches topped with broiled cheese date aback at atomic to 1946, but the adolescent cook as we apperceive it allegedly dates alone from the 1970s.

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