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10 lunch box rice recipes | 10 easy & instant rice recipes | tiffin ..
10 lunch box rice recipes | 10 easy & instant rice recipes | tiffin .. | Rice Recipes Youtube

Food is an important allotment of all our lives. Apart from about giving us the activity to go about our circadian lives, it additionally gives abounding of us abundant joy. 

During this lockdown, aliment has evoked a ambit of affections amid abounding — for those who like to baker it has been an befalling to whip up their favourite dishes, but for abounding others it has been annihilation abbreviate of a nightmare. 

A lot of us are absolutely abased on our cooks (bless them) for circadian meals, and the lockdown agency we are disturbing to alter our jobs and domiciliary chores. In boxy times like this, all a hangry affection wants is a acceptable meal. A attending through YouTube or added accepted affable websites additionally boggles the apperception as they appeal the sun and the moon, authoritative affable attending like sorcery. 

So, at Huffpost India we absitively to crowdsource a agglomeration of easy-to-cook, hassle-free recipes that we accept learnt from our mothers or grandmothers that  accompany aback acceptable memories from happier times. 

If you’re addition who has been acquisitive at your friends’ Instagram belief apprehensive aloof about gourmet meals, while you resort to a basin of Maggi, this account is complete for you. 

Now, these may not be gourmet, they will absolutely sooth your soul.

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This was the aboriginal craven compound I learnt from my mother aback I confused into a busy abode in Bandra, afterwards abrogation Kolkata, and aggregate about seemed to bulk a branch and a half. I remembered my mother affable this adorable craven with basal capacity for quick weekday dinners, added busy Sunday lunches and already alike at a barbecue aback in Bengal, for about 60 people. The best allotment was, it did not absorb chopping onions through a billow of tears aloof to eat a abundant meal. It became my account altogether affair brilliant dish, my go to for banquet parties area we accordingly spent added on booze than food. Considering I could baker this aback aback my bigger affable accomplishment was frying onions and abacus them to Maggi, this should be accessible for everyone.


500 gm chicken, average to baby pieces (cooks bigger and caramelises easily), with bones

200 gms curd

Garlic, 10-12 pods cautiously chopped or fabricated into a adhesive (you can add more, I about do)

Sugar, 2 tablespoons (add added if you like sweet)

Dried red chillies ― 6-8

Red chilli crumb (depending on your aroma tolerance)


White oil


― Alkali craven in curd, a admixture of alkali and chilli powder. You can add a little garlic crumb or garlic adhesive to it if you like. Accumulate the craven in the alkali for at atomic an hour. ― Calefaction oil in a pan (you can add a little ghee to it for added flavour)— Toss in the red chillies and already they crackle, lower the calefaction immediately— Add garlic and sugar— The amoroso has to baker absolutely (that’s area the gravy gets the red colour)— Now aback the amoroso has caramelised and garlic has browned, aces out the craven pieces and add them to the hot oil.— About-face on the calefaction already more, and let the craven amber a bit for a brace of minutes— Again add in the extra marinade. Add alkali to taste.— Again on a low flame, baker the chicken, covered.— The craven cooks in the curd, no baptize is needed. But if you accept added beneath dahi, analysis and add a admixture of water.— Which the craven avalanche off the cartilage and the gravy has thickened, it is done. It should aftertaste spicy, sweetish and garlicky.


Often, aback you add acerbate into hot oil, it tends to split. Tastes fine, but doesn’t attending great. To abstain that, aback the craven is browning, mix one and bisected teaspoon of maida in a little baptize and add it to the extra marinade. Mix it and add to chicken. Maida helps bind the curd.

— Piyasree Dasgupta

2. Sabse Simple Beans

If you feel like you aren’t bistro abundant vegetables, this asleep simple beans is the easiest way to put some blooming on your plate. Plus, it goes with appealing abundant any cuisine. Plus Plus, you don’t charge to chop the beans. Plus, Plus Plus: you can do the aforementioned affair with coarsely chopped broccoli.


250g French Beans with the ends snipped off


Whole Atramentous Pepper — afresh arena in a grinder/mortar pestle

Garlic — cautiously chopped


Mustard Seeds (Optional — if you appetite the basin to aftertaste added India. I usually don’t add alacrity seeds as the basin can about-face absinthian if you aren’t careful)

How to Make Easy Chinese Style Fried Rice Recipe - Rice Recipes Youtube
How to Make Easy Chinese Style Fried Rice Recipe – Rice Recipes Youtube | Rice Recipes Youtube

A bit of oil — any oil will do, admitting olive oil is bigger for advantage 2.


To StartBoil a ample pot of water, abandon in the beans and agitate them about until they about-face ablaze green.

Now you can go two ways:

A) If you like the beans crunchy,  Abolish beans anon afterwards they change colour and douse them in a pot of algid water.

In a kadhai calefaction some oil, add the garlic and calefaction till the garlic turns golden. 

If you appetite to add alacrity seeds and dry red chilly, now is your moment.

Once the garlic is done and the alacrity seeds are popping, put in the beans, agitate them about and add alkali and some afresh arena atramentous pepper.

Don’t baker it for too long, aloof abundant to accord it a able chhaunk. Clasp some auto on the top and you are done.

B) If you like the beans able-bodied done, and additionally like garlic a lot, and accept olive oil at home. 

Before you put the beans in the baking water, put the garlic in a collapsed bottomed confined basin and add a acceptable bulk of olive oil, and salt. Now abandon the beans in the baking water, and already they are cooked, cull them out, bound cesspool them, and douse them into your confined basin with the oil and garlic, barrel them about a bit, and again aloof awning the basin and leave it for about 10 min. The calefaction from the beans will abate the garlic (though it will still be appealing strong).

After about 10 min, abolish the lid, add the afresh arena atramentous pepper, clasp adhesive and you are done.

— Aman Sethi

HuffPost India .

This simple, curd-based basin is complete abundance aliment for me—during my academy days, aback I was aback in Kerala for vacation, I’d ask my mother to accomplish pulisheri, payaru thoran and angle with rice, and alike now, that aftertaste reminds me of the joy of advancing home. It was additionally one of the aboriginal dishes I learnt how to cook, back it’s so simple (there are versions with attic as well, and you can accomplish it with mango, pineapple etc). My mother’s adaptation needs alone a scattering of ingredients, and I frequently acclimatize those actuality and there depending on what I accept in the kitchen (only the dahi, haldi and alkali are non-negotiable). It’s additionally actual accessible to digest, authoritative it the complete accessory to your rice in summer. I’m appealing abiding I’ve adapted a lot of non-Malayalis, including my husband, into pulisheri fans.

The amounts in the compound beneath are approximate:

Ingredients (this will serve 3-4 people):

2 cups curd

1 cup water

2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 tsp jeera seeds

Salt to taste

1 tsp oil

Mustard seeds

Fenugreek seeds

1 baby onion or 2 shallots, cautiously chopped

1 tsp ginger, chopped

1 tsp garlic, chopped

2 blooming chillies, slit

Curry leaves


10 rice or pulao recipes for lunch box | 10 आसान झटपट ..
10 rice or pulao recipes for lunch box | 10 आसान झटपट .. | Rice Recipes Youtube

Put the acerbate and baptize in a bowl, barrel able-bodied calm to abolish any lumps. Add the haldi, jeera seeds and alkali and mix able-bodied together. Now calefaction oil in a pan, add alacrity seeds and fenugreek and let them splutter.Add the ginger, garlic, blooming chillis, onions and back-scratch leaves and saute for a brace of minutes. Accomplish abiding they don’t burn.

Now about-face off the blaze for 5 minutes—this is to ensure the pan cools bottomward a little so the acerbate admixture doesn’t breach as you cascade it.

Now add the alloyed acerbate and let it simmer on a low flame. As it heats, boring activity it. Aback you see the gravy alpha to breach at the sides, about-face off the blaze (make abiding you don’t footfall abroad from the stove, as the acerbate admixture can breach in a bulk of seconds).

Serve with rice and any added accessories of your choice.

— Sharanya Hrishikesh

Okay, accuracy be told, I am absolutely apathetic aback it comes to cooking. I am consistently attractive for recipes that crave minimum accomplishment and ingredients. This accurate compound is the easiest one I accept appear beyond — it involves kulchas after a ancillary basin — like chhole. If kulchas are adamantine to find, you can acting it with bread.


4 kulchas

2 teaspoon Butter

For Filling200 gm paneer

1/2 teaspoon cumin powder

1/2 teaspoon amchur powder

1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes

2 tomatoes

2 onions

Garam masala powder

Salt as required

3 teaspoon coriander leaves

2 blooming chillies


Step 1Wash the onions and tomatoes and cautiously chop them. Next, abrade the paneer in a ample basin and accumulate it aside.Step 2Next, abode a bucket over average blaze and cascade 2 teaspoons of adulate in it. Already it is hot enough, add the cautiously chopped onions in it and saute for a few seconds. Then, add cumin powder, salt, chilli flakes and garam masala in the pan. Activity already and let the spices baker for a few seconds.Step 3Now, add the chopped blooming chillies forth with tomatoes in the pan and saute. Add the grated paneer and coriander leaves, mix all the capacity calm and about-face off the flame.Step 4Next, booty a kulcha and advance the paneer admixture on it, awning it with addition kulcha. Grill this in a griller and alteration it to a basin aback done. Cut them into behindhand and adore with amazon ketchup or excellent sauce.

— Akshita Jain

If you are alive with bound food and/or affable skills, you should accede the eggplant roast. Relatively accessible and beneath time consuming—30 account should suffice—this basin additionally requires few capacity to make. It is tasty, can be fabricated bound and about has no adverse appulse on health. If, like me, you were aloft in the western genitalia of the country, this may accept some homesickness bulk as well. It absolutely does for me as it is a adjustment adaptation of a compound my mother uses to baker this basin at our home.


2 average admeasurement eggplants (round, atramentous coloured ones)

2 baby onions chopped1 tablespoon turmeric

1 tablespoon red chilli crumb (more if you like a aciculate taste)

1/2 tablespoon cumin 

Chopped garlic (as per requirement)


Any affable oil

Chinese Fried Rice - Fried Rice Restaurant Style Recipe - Rice Recipes Youtube
Chinese Fried Rice – Fried Rice Restaurant Style Recipe – Rice Recipes Youtube | Rice Recipes Youtube


Clean and put the eggplants to buzz on burners. Accumulate a watch on them to see how abundant anniversary ancillary of the eggplants gets apparent to the blaze and accumulate axis them frequently to ensure they are analogously cooked. Parallely, you may chop onions and garlic to save time. Buzz the eggplants on the burner for a acceptable 15, alike 20, account to ensure they are appropriately adapted from all sides. One assurance of an abundantly adapted eggplant is that it will aperture a baby bulk of aqueous and its atramentous awning will about-face brittle. That’s ideal. Already all the eggplants are abundantly roasted, about-face off the burner, booty them bottomward into a basin and abolish their atramentous awning in absoluteness application alone the bendable and adipose interior.

Now calefaction affable oil in a pan, cascade bisected tablespoon cumin in it and let it calefaction for a brace of minutes. Already the cumin is agilely heated, put the cut pieces of garlic into the mix and activity till it turns one adumbration darker. Follow this with putting chopped onions in the mix and activity able-bodied till it turns a darker adumbration but booty affliction to not fry it excessively. Now add the eggplant to this mix and top it up with red chilli and turmeric powder, mix and activity in the pan agilely for about bristles or ten minutes. Add alkali to the dish. This tastes acceptable with tava roti as able-bodied as broken bread.

— Akshay Deshmane

Mariha-kitchen via Getty ImagesRoasted pepper dip with broiled white bread

As a new bride, conjugal to the Olive Green, I faced the acclivous assignment of hosting common banquet parties with absolutely new recipes. The best bulky assignment was to accomplish altered chutneys and admitting aggravating hard, I was not able to accomplish the momo chutney.

After lot of brainstorming sessions with a friend, I came up with a different all purpose chutney that actually goes with anything. From momos to  apparent chapatis to pakoras and alike with aaloo pooris and vegetable pulao, this is really  alarming and takes alone 5 account to make. 


4 to 5 tomatoes

10-15 cloves of garlic,5 to 6 blooming chillies

Fresh Coriander leaves: To add a birr of blooming colour to the amazon puree.

Salt to taste

1 auto (medium sized)


Put all the capacity (except auto and salt) in a jar and agitate it able-bodied to a bendability that is not too solid and not too runny. Add alkali and the abstract of one auto to the admixture and serve it with annihilation you like. 

— Rachna Khaira

If you’re Bengali, you HAVE had the shada aloor torkari at home a actor and a bisected times. My mother would accomplish it with a bit of a aberration — with tomatoes. This was a basic in our home, and it goes able-bodied rotis or paranthas. It requires little accomplishment and the capacity are accessible in best Indian kitchens. This is my go to aback I don’t accept the activity to baker able meals. 


4 potatoes bald and cut into baby squares

2 tomatoes cautiously chopped

2 teaspoons of oil (any kind)

1 teaspoon kalonji (black cumin seeds)

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder

A compression of hing (asafoetida) — optional

Salt to taste

Coriander for adornment — optional.


Heat a the oil in a kadhai and already it’s hot put in the kalonji. Aback it starts to crackle, put in the potatoes, turmeric, salt, and red chilli powder. Afterwards frying for a few account on medium-high heat, put in the tomatoes and fry on aerial heat. Accumulate active so that the potatoes don’t stick to the kadhai.  Already the amazon starts to baker a little, put in a compression of hing, and baker on low heat, covered till the potatoes are cooked.  Garnish with coriander if you accept some in your fridge. 

— Rohini Chatterji

Rice Recipes Youtube – Rice Recipes Youtube
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Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe Video In Hindi | Indo Chinese ..
Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe Video In Hindi | Indo Chinese .. | Rice Recipes Youtube

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